VOLonMAX competition

Czech organization will host a seminar about volunteering in the frame of the Youth in Action programme. Follow the next information for to know more about the competition.

Join the competition and write your VOLonMAX – your story of volunteering!!!

What to do?


To write a story about your experience with volunteering. There are many ways to be involved in volunteering – organizations, leisure clubs, hospitals, cultural, sport, social events, charity, good neighbouring and many others. Write your own story which is about you involved somehow in volunteering. Write it in English in Word format and maximum 2 A4 pages. You can write a report, story, tale, narrative, poem, fairy tale, whatever you wish.


For who?

For all the people from the world in the age of 13+.

You can find more information here or on the project VOLonMAX website –


Additional information