Electronic animated Game for European Integration and Intergenerational dialogue


About Project

E-Game project develops an animated electronic game on European integration in which all the partners co-involve together both adults and young people to permit them to work as a group without distance one from the others & to create a synergy to favor and develop an intergenerational dialogue, as request from the European Year 2012.

The target group is composed both by elderly & young people. All the participants to our project and created game have the opportunity to discover European values and cultures.


The partners of the project will:

· improve their skills of intercultural dialogue, facilitating the acquisition of the values of tolerance and mutual respect

· develop awareness on common European values and cultural, religious, linguistic & gender diversity

· define competences and skills of in professional areas

· strengthen the concept of European citizenship and integration

· Learn the use of new and innovative technologies that can help young people to find new possibility of work.


The partnership will work on the project in a similar way, permitting to all partners to be involved in all activities in every project's step.  The specific tasks were distributed among the participating organizations according to their characteristics and competences such as internet access, expertise in projects, management skills, communication skills, specific skills, team work, experience in adult education & in the ICT field, etc

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